There was love in Kenosha.

Then Paul and Elvira married in 1937 - both beaming from their Italian heritage. This story all began with a twinkle in my father's eyes. It continued in my mother's womb. In 1943 there came the launching of a distinctive life voyage in a small white bungalow in Wisconsin located at 1829-35th Street. My brother John was three when I was born. There were now four of us in the Bosco family.

Zooming ahead in time to 1976 ... Bob Bosco had grown into an artist and a teacher. He specialized in Painting, Drawing, and Color Theory when starting to teach at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska.

His mind's eye blinked once ... long ... and ... slow ... as 43 years soared by. Then he retired in May 2019 as an Associate Professor Emeritus of Fine Art.

Previous teaching encounters were at Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas - resulting in a total of 50 years as an educator. The requisite MFA was granted from the University of Iowa in Iowa City. Undergraduate schooling came through St. John's University in Collegeville, Minnesota.

His was a life in the world of academia.

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An award-winning artist, Bosco has participated in more than 70 exhibitions nationally and regionally. He had earned residency grants for Cummington Art Colony and Hambidge Center for the Arts - where visual artists worked side by side with writers, actors, and composers - usually in a cabin in the woods.

Opportunities for public inter-disciplinary performances arose as he collaborated with choreographers, dancers and musicians.  He also took on a few open air city projects - the transformation of outdoor public objects (like a bus bench) into art objects.This brought a new aesthetic to the functional.

Most summers were spent in artistic production in Florence (Italy), Toronto (Canada), New York City, New England, New Mexico and San Francisco. Research for his latest artistic mission has taken him to Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health (Lenox, Massachusetts), Omega Wellness Center (Rhinebeck, New York), and Esalen Institute (Big Sur, California). These holistic centers for yoga, complementary healing modalities and metaphysics, profoundly deepened his life purpose.

This resulted in a series of 48 paintings, 6 videos and a comprehensive book entitled: “A Painter’s Yoga Journey” ... currently available on Amazon. All proceeds from the book sales go to 'Adopt A Future', the education of children in refugee camps.

Moreover, he has authored three booklets which encapsulate unique long range ventures. The titles are "Skeletal Spin-Offs" and "Omaha Street Pianos Project" and "Food, Feet and Fables".

Presently, he is a full time artist in Omaha happily exploring new themes, while archiving over 50 years of artistic adventures. His web site is ...